Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow Storm = Interactive Toys

Single digit temps.  Prediction is for 24 hours of snow fall.  The dogs have limited time outdoors.
Java and Melissa play with their favorite big blue Holee Roller ball.  Lucy plays a game of fetch.

10 yr old Katie is comfortable lying around the house, but what about the younger dogs when they come back indoors?  Besides individual training sessions interspersed during the day, I make use of LOTS of interactive toys. I have written about these toys before when Melissa was a pup.  But these treat dispensing toys are not just for puppies.  Our adult dogs enjoy them also.

 They have their meals in them, they enjoy their snacks in them.  No need to put their daily rations into a food bowl.   They work for their food by twisting and turning, pushing and pawing these toys.  Bones are also given frequently during cold winter days.  The dogs spend hours chewing and playing with them.

 Afterwards we have some tired dogs who are ready for a long nap........

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